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Tourism for the purpose of rest for a number of the states is the most mass form. Trips of foreign tourists to Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland pursue, first of all, this aim. Recreational tourism is characterized by the travel duration, a small amount of the cities which enter a route, wide use of an air transportation.

Street advertizing has defined sites, the small volume of information, contains mostly symbols and pictures. These qualities of street advertizing are caused by that the attention is paid to it for short term. Usually it serves as addition to advertizing in mass media.

The choice of a method of sale predetermines the level and structure of technological process of customer service, significantly influences the number of the personnel of travel agency, the size of its areas, degree of security with means of communications and information technologies, the size of expenses and other indicators.

joint ventures, which permits are on sale to foreign founders abroad through an extensive network of tour agencies. Such companies are focused on service of big groups in which individual service is practically poorly feasible;

Efficiency of tourist activity in many respects depends on a condition of office. Convenient approaches to office, purity and accuracy, existence of office furniture, office equipment, and also the qualified and benevolent personnel – all this in total has potential clients and has impact on competitiveness of the realized goods. In a place, available to a review, it is necessary to arrange:

the private companies, usually with a small volume of work, interested in cooperation with foreign partners – suppliers of clients. In most cases they offer higher quality of service and the individualized approach to the client. Some of them are allocated to that spatsializirutsya on sports or improving tourism.

Such division is conditional as essential differences from the point of view of consumer properties between them are not present. The services included in the main program and issued by the permit carry to the main. The tourist gets additional services independently in a stay place, they are not included the permit in the price.