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In prospecting drilling for improvement of quality of construction of wells and a of informational content of the carried-out works it is necessary to retrofit a drilling rigs of higher loading capacity, ­ preventers, shells for coring, plastoispytatel, of geological control and control of cementation, units on pressure of 70,0-105,0 MPas, and also laboratories on an of core material and bedded

Consumers cannot solve the standing tasks of accumulation of volumes of production and supply of gas and products of its processing on the basis of outdated approaches. New intensive technologies are necessary, and

"If to consider the last quarter of the XX century as the period of formation of unique West Siberian and European system of gas supply and a, the next decades have to become the period of formation of similar system of gas supply and gas supply in the East Siberian Pacific Rim. Implementation of such program can be as the largest energy and ecological project of the first quarter of the XXI century!".

And the product has to conform to all qualifying standards on quality, environmental friendliness and safety, both the product, and a way of its production. Finally it has to find the reflection in costs of production of a product.

In the conditions of the proceeding falling of oil production in the country strengthening of production of condensate - the most valuable raw materials for receiving liquid motor ­ is of particular importance. This problem is solved in several ways. In relation to new fields with a high factor is an introduction of technology of development with the return pumping gas in layer - "saykling-process". For realization of this technology compressor installations on a high pressure and other equipment are required.

There is one more important point to which it is necessary to pay attention. In time export of natural gas to foreign countries and to of Baltic gives to the country considerable part of currency receipts. Considering the expected decrease in export of oil and the predicted growth of export of gas, this indicator in the short term even more will increase. Natural gas will become the main export goods.

While the state has a controlling stake, it can and is obliged to due management of power industry in the conditions of a market for the purpose of reliable, sufficient and high-quality provision of energy of all consumers.

Besides, gas production on Yamal will be increased, and to be supported in several tens years, and continuous updating for this purpose will be required. Thus, tasks for science will be much.

Formation of market economy assumes not only a choice of a form of a, but also definition of structure of management and internal interrelations of systems. The existing organizational structures were close to structures of systems and associations of such countries, as France, the USA, Germany. The logic of development of electrical power systems of these countries organizational structures and forms of ownership which answer one very important criterion, the general for all countries:

secondly, systematic deficiency of the capital investments and material resources allocated to fuel and energy branches with a growth of volumes of export of energy carriers and internal consumption of unfairly cheap energy resources.

Ideological background of privatization of energy resources - increase of overall performance of all system of power industry by introduction of fierce competition between various producers and various suppliers. However in power have a number of negative consequences. Among them:

Here - the continuous permafrost with very high ldonasyshchennost, is a lot of ice. There are so-called "kriopeg", i.e. the nonfreezing salted groundwater. The relief is extremely sensitive to the technogenic

First of all, there is a need of creation of the new equipment: units with high extent of compression, powerful stations of an of gas, the equipment for extraction of liquid from wells (the plunger elevator, the gas-lift), etc.