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So, pro-analyzing these groups, we can draw a conclusion that the smallest birth rate is observed generally in ­, concentrated the main centers of our country on the territory. It is obvious that environmental pollution has an adverse effect on human health, living in these areas that, in turn leads to increase of a of various pathologies which can become the reason a, still births and so on. It is also necessary to specify that in these areas the percent of urban population exceeds percent of country people, and in city settlements quantity given rise much less, than in rural areas.

Therefore, drawing a conclusion, it should be noted that if society defined the global purposes of demographic development, that, proceeding from them and considering deep interrelation and a of social and economic, cultural, changes, it has to:

secondly, to influence the demographic purposes, in advance considering demographic consequences of all of the decisions made at the level of society in the social, economic, sphere and changing them if they do not correspond to interests or pursue the aims, less important for society.