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Direct a knife on the graphitic whetstone moistened with water. Thus the knife needs to be held as well as at a point' on a fine-grained stone. It is impossible to assume that - the knife blade would crash in - a surface of graphitic whetstone.

After that on the fine-grained stone moistened with water perfect a knife (also on, without putting it too abruptly. Sharpen each party of an edge until on one party there is on all its length no hardly noticeable thread and a sting of a knife will finally lose gloss throughout. A point of knives, not a fine-grained stone make 1 — 2 time in change.

At the beginning. works after a point when editing on a musata hold a knife otly and govern but to a facet, without pressing strongly on. In the course of further work when editing do small pressing and hold a knife slightly more abruptly.

The workplace has to be organized so that at a boning and a zhilovka the worker got tired less. Besides, the movements by both hands have to be equal measured, distance between hands — to constants, and when performing this or that process it is necessary to seek for reduction of number of labor movements and an exception of unproductive movements by knives

Sharpening and editing of knives. - The point of knives on large meat - the overworking enterprises is made by masters - grinders. However each boner has to be able to sharpen and govern knives. Sharpening of knives is made as follows. On the coarse-grained sharpened or whetstone, plentifully moistened - water, perfect edge facets at first on one, then on other storukia and from both parties bring facets to the identical sizes, When sharpening width of a facet have to be for large knives of 4 — 8 mm, for averages' — 3 — 5 and for small — 2 — 3 mm.