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1 after work in zones with the high level of a to make deactivation of the device. The device surface is wiped carefully a damp rag or tampons to remove dust. The used rags and tampons are thrown out in special container or a box.

The main distinctions in modifications of power of a dose of the DP types - 5A, DP - 5V and DP - 5B. Appointment and the principle of action of all modifications of the measuring instrument of power of a dose (DP-5 roentgenometer same, distinction between them consists generally in a design and partially in an electric circuit.

The principle of operation of the charger is based on the : at rotation of the handle clockwise the lever creates pressure upon piezoelements which, being deformed, form at end faces the potential difference enclosed so that on the central core of a charging nest plus on the central electrode of an ionization chamber of the dosimeter, and on the case — minus on an external electrode of an chamber.